What is paid product testing?

Paid Product Testing is exactly what the name suggests. It means getting paid to test products! You might not always receive cash as well as receiving a product to test but the product itself is most of the time an incentive itself.

When launching a new product, whether it is a new toy for pets or a new fizzy drink for Kids, it is very important for brands to make sure the product fits their target market.

This is where product testing comes in.

How does paid product testing work?

How does paid product testing work?

The process is pretty simple.

Once you have registered your interest into testing products, and filled out all the “profiling questionnaires” you will have the chance to take part in random draws for different products but also be invited to test products that aim for specific people.

For example if the product to test is for pets, you will only receive an invite if you have said "Yes" to having a pet in the profiling questionnaire.

After being selected to test a product, the research company will confirm your address and send you the product. During the testing phase, you may be asked to complete a diary with your feedback. This can be on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis depending on the product.

There will almost always be a final survey in order to gather all your general feedback on the product you have tested.

Are the products brand new and safe to use?

Yes, all the products are always safe to use and have to answer to all EU regulations. They will also always be brand new.

We always recommend you take part in Product Testing through specialised companies, such as Market Research companies. This is a guarantee that products meet all safety or dietary requirements.

Are the products brand new and safe to use?

How can I participate in product testing?

In order to participate in product testing, you will need to register with websites that offer product testing.

To test a specific product, you usually need to meet specific criteria related to the product. For example, if the product to test is dog food, than obviously the company will need to check that you have a dog!

There are many websites with great reputations that you can be sure will deliver what they promise but also a lot of scams. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is!

Is it safe to give my address? (Third parties)

Genuine Market Research companies have the obligation to manage any personal data such as phone numbers, addresses etc. in the most secure manner. Protected databases, scripted information etc.

They are legally not allowed to share your personal data with any third party not directly related to the research project you are taking part in.

Is it safe to give my address?

What are the rewards/incentives for paid product testing?

After most tests you are able to keep the product as an incentive.

Depending on the product, and the length of the “testing” phase, rewards can vary from £10 to £150.

If the incentive is high, chances are you will need to return the product.

Companies usually also provide an additional incentive for respondents after completing the “final” feedback questionnaire.

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